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The other day I opened my pride-and-joy to discover, horror of horrors, a Matrix-like green splotch of dead pixels, precipitated by a large crack in the LCD. Apparently my almost total disregard for the well-being of my electronic devices is not without its consequences.


Although the patches of dead pixels are relatively small, when the screen itself is only 8.9″, that’s a significant chunk of screen real-estate! Now, the good thing about netbooks is that they are relatively cheap, but not quite cheap enough to treat like disposable appliances! So I began to search for a replacement screen, and to my great pleasure found a company selling super-cheap authentic replacement screens based in Vancouver:, where I was able to buy a screen, complete with shipping, for about $90. And it arrived within 36 hours of me ordering!

Now everywhere I read said that replacing LCD screens is a simple…

Lihat pos aslinya 577 kata lagi


Silahkan tinggalkan pesan setelah selesai membaca :D

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