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The other day I opened my pride-and-joy to discover, horror of horrors, a Matrix-like green splotch of dead pixels, precipitated by a large crack in the LCD. Apparently my almost total disregard for the well-being of my electronic devices is not without its consequences.


Although the patches of dead pixels are relatively small, when the screen itself is only 8.9″, that’s a significant chunk of screen real-estate! Now, the good thing about netbooks is that they are relatively cheap, but not quite cheap enough to treat like disposable appliances! So I began to search for a replacement screen, and to my great pleasure found a company selling super-cheap authentic replacement screens based in Vancouver:, where I was able to buy a screen, complete with shipping, for about $90. And it arrived within 36 hours of me ordering!

Now everywhere I read said that replacing LCD screens is a simple…

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My mom is the first to say she doesn’t like to bake. I’m still not sure where my love obsession came from. Somehow my sister picked up the habit too—proof. But despite my mom’s distaste for baking, she makes a mean cobbler. In the summers it’s filled with the ripest of peaches. And through the winters it’s filled with the blackest of blackberries. Always topped with ice cream of course. This tastes like home to me.

Home. Where I returned from just days ago. Already missing the people I have known for a lifetime. I still wonder why I ever moved away. And then I’m reminded of the greedy Texas* heat that steals winter’s thunder. The heat that also leaves me grumpy for weeks on end. I’m a winter girl at heart. I still melt with every snowfall. I love it’s quiet demeanor. And the beautiful way it paints…

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Ndoro Kakung

SUATU malam di sebuah warung Internet (warnet) di jantung Kota Yogyakarta. Seorang penjaga terlihat sedang duduk setengah mengantuk menunggu pelanggan datang. Hanya sekitar lima orang anak muda yang saya lihat di belakang komputer saat itu. Padahal di ruangan tersebut ada sekitar 40 komputer. Ke mana para pelanggan warnet yang dulu saya ketahui selalu penuh itu?

“Mereka sudah punya handphone Cina, Mas,” kata penjaga warnet. “Anak-anak kuliah yang dulu biasa mampir ke sini, sekarang membuka Facebook atau chatting dari handphone.”

Dalam hati saya berpikir, ternyata ada yang berubah dalam perilaku orang dalam mengakses Internet. Perubahan ini mungkin berlangsung secara perlahan. Dan saya baru menyadarinya sekarang di dalam warnet dengan penjaga yang mengantuk itu.

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